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How to Open Visio 2010 Files in ConceptDraw PRO


The native file format for Visio 2010 and earlier files is .vsd. However, you can set Visio to save all files with a .vdx extension, which can be opened by ConceptDraw. When opening a Visio 2010 generated .vdx extension file with ConceptDraw there you may notice some differences when viewing the file in Visio and ConceptDraw.

ConceptDraw PRO does not support footers and headers, so any footer and header information that was in the Visio file will not be displayed in ConceptDraw PRO. The header and footer information is not lost; they are just not viewable or modifiable within ConceptDraw PRO.

Some Visio fonts are not supported by ConceptDraw PRO. If this is the case, then you may select from a list of available fonts supported by ConceptDraw PRO when prompted.

To Import Visio vsd files to ConceptDraw follow the steps below

1. In Visio, save your file as a XML drawing:

• From the Visio File menu, click Save As.

• In the Save As window, select your file.

• In the Save As Type drop down menu, click XML Drawing (*.vdx).

2. Import your file into ConceptDraw:

• From the ConceptDraw PRO v10 File menu, select Import.

• Select Microsoft Visio 2010 (VDX).

• From the directory window, select the desired Visio file to be imported. Click Open.

ConceptDraw Visio File Converter

ConceptDraw Visio File Conversion is a free web service, provided by Computer Systems Odessa that is available to anyone who has needs to convert files from Visio binary file format VSD into Visio 2010 XML files VDX.

To use ConceptDraw free file conversion service you should  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as attachment.

You can even send multiple .vsd files to us, compressed in a .zip format.

The converted file(s) result will be sent back to you in the same compression format in which you originally sent them. The conversion service is completely automated. There is no human interaction with your data. The conversion process takes less than 15 minutes.



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